Saturday, March 24, 2007

St. Patricks Day

Obviously, its a week since Paddy's day, but here is how it went down on this side of the world.

1:00 pm - Parade
1:30 pm - Drink

The parade actually included 2 midgets dressed like leprechauns. Not exactly pollitically correct.

Because Auckland has so many different cultures, every parade (no matter what the occasion) is just a mish mash of culture. Imagine a load of chinese dancers going down the street dressed in green, followed by the Hindu dancers and followed by the local GAA club.

One of the bars here put on Murphy's for the day, so I had a few of them (no green food colouring in mine thanks). Things got interesting after midnight. In the build up to the Ireland V Italy rugby game, 3 guys from Togher arrived in the bar. Now I was wearing my Cork City jersey for added affect, so they came straight over to me shouting and roaring.


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