Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Heading to South Africa

While queing for check in at Auckland, I was asked to go to the Qantas First Class check in area. Unfortunatley, my luck wasn't that good, I wasn't being upgraded. Then, just as everyone was taking their seats on the plane, there was a security alert and everybody in the airport had to be screened again. Eventually we got going about an hour behind schedule. Next, during the flight to Sydney, the cabin crew asked if there was a doctor on the flight. Someone wasn't feeling too good which resulted in a quarantine officer coming on the plan for an inspection at Sydney.

The flight to Jo'burg was long and uneventful. The passport check at Jo'burg took forever, and I only had about 20 mins to spare before my connecting to flight to Cape Town. By the time I got to the hotel in Cape Town I was ready to sleep for a long time.


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